For Communities​

You are a residential or living community and want to…

… find the ideas that connect you?

… be mindful of different views and needs?

… live together in a lively and trusting culture?

In a workshop I will give you the tools to do this. I help you to remove blockages and to get into a productive flow.

I show you how to move through your questions and visions of the future by shaping and acting them out as real events artistically.

You will gain access to possibilities of perception and expression that go far beyond ‘intellectual head knowledge’ and ‘verbal exchange’.

You do not need any special previous experience. It’s all about real encounters and authentic experiences that are the „midwives“ for your future!

Each and every one of you remains free to follow your own path throughout the process.

Examples of when a workshop can be useful:

– In the founding phase of a residential community.

– When the group changes because people leave or new people join.

– In conflict and crisis situations.

When there is a desire for joint activity and when the group wants to grow together through shared experiences.

4 Hour


1 Day


2 Days


"Lukas has the gift to have fruitful communication with you, regardless of your age or culture"
Pavel Kraemer​
"Lukas frequently manages to bring people with different skills together for exciting projects."
Janis Maiwald
PhD student
Lukas König