For Individuals

You are at a turning point in your biography and…

… ask yourself in which direction you want to continue?

… have landed in an inner void or chaos and are looking for orientation?

… want to get in touch with your abilities and talents?

In an individual coaching I offer you protected space in which you can listen to your inner voice.

You can go into all aspects and variations that you see as possibilities – or impossibilities – for your life and play them out.

I show you how you can try out possibilities, feel them out and melt them in your imagination, until you have found your own path or inner direction and feel able to decide in which direction you want to go.

Like two big rivers, your past and your future meet. The spray that arises is what you experience here and now. Learn to play with it!

Situations where individual coaching can help:

– For young people transitioning between school, training, studies or an occupation.

– After a burnout and for professional reorientation.

– After separations, illnesses or deaths in your environment.

– For people who want to get closer to their own impulses, abilities and talents and are therefore looking for a new start.

1,5 Hour


Flat rate

(4x 1,5 H.) 400,-

"My body perception has changed a lot - I could feel myself much more from the inside and awaken from a sleeping, unconscious state through different movements on the emotional level. Appearing before others was lighter, more relaxed and more authentic for me."
Maarja Purga
Opera singer
"I learned to find and heal my inner child. I found out that we know all the answers to our questions best ourselves. It is only important to ask the questions in the right way, to be patient in silence and to trust our intuition and inner wisdom completely. 😊. To Lukas belongs my big "THANK YOU"!"
Martina Kužmová​
Kindergarten teacher
Lukas König