For Working Groups

You want to be sustainable as a working group and…

… support the development of individual skills and talents?

… empathise with others in order to establish potential initiative?

… recognise commonalities and think in larger contexts?

Future viability comes from inner development. This can manifest itself in the culture of communication and in external structures, amongst other things.

You can acquire the key qualifications required for this in a seminar, using concrete examples and learning by doing.

I will show you how to act out your work processes, ideas and goals in a concrete way, so that you get realistic pictures of the current situation as well as multi-layered and stimulating insights into where your potential lies and how you can realise it.

Examples of what a seminar is helpful for:

– To strengthen inner and outer flexibility and initiative (VUCA skills).

– To solve communication problems in self-governing working groups (e.g. teachers’ colleges and collegial groups).

– To prevent burnout in social and cultural institutions.

– In pilot phases or for the reorientation of common goals (e.g. in start-ups or generation handovers).

1 Day


2 Days


3 Days


"Lukas acted as a diplomatic and patient link between all artistic and technical departments with great interpersonal skills."
Klaus Hemmerle
"Lukas comes across as clear and competent in discussions. He pursues projects with great willpower and perseverance and he has practice in tackling even unknown and difficult things with courage."
Michael Schmidt
Software Engineer
Lukas König