Lukas König

Lukas König

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"I was amazed at how realistically I could put myself in the situations by playing. I was really in it."
Kilian Gutberlet
Dipl. audio engineer

My Offer

Recognising the future and making it concrete: For this art, I offer a path.

Words are sometimes not enough.

Through art you learn how you can grasp the future by bringing possibilities into the present and playing through them with open senses.

I offer a protected, open-ended and concentrated space for this.

I accompany you with in-depth questions and empathetic reflection.

About me

Lukas König

I offer my ability to empathise with people and their potentials, to make them appear and to have an activating effect on their development.

I am enthusiastic about making the future artistically present: clear, moving and alive.

In workshops, seminars and performances I give unconditional attention, playful impulses and individual support in dissolving inner blockages and obstacles.

Experiential knowledge, openness and intuition are my sources.

Experience & CV

2023 Foundation of Zukunftstheater GbR.

Since 2013 Artistic research and Perception.Play.
Since 2012 Freelance actor, director, theater pedagogue and seminar leader.
Since 2019 Seminar actor, among others for Allianz, Dachser Logistics, Ergo, Nordenhamer Zinkhütte, Obi.
2019-2020 Theater and communication, lecturer and workshop leader at the Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin, Campus am Park for Curative Education and Independent Education. Biodynamic farmers and gardeners in the West.
2019 Individual case assistance, department of communication, on behalf of the city of Berlin. 2012-2018 Theater pedagogy/directing, among others at the Free Waldorf Schools in Engelberg, Eisenach, Landsberg, Ludwigsburg, Mannheim, Oldenburg, Rostock, Siegen.
2017-2018 Acting, at the Staatstheater Darmstadt.
2014-2017 Seminar leader, lecturer at international teacher training, Czech Republic.
2016 Course leader at the Academy for Waldorf Education, Mannheim.
2015/2016 Acting at the Schauspielbühnen Stuttgart.
2014 Film acting – for R & R Filmproduktion GbR.
2011 Acting – in the independent ensemble The wild Bunch, Berlin.
2008 Assistant director – at the Schleswig-Holstein Landestheater, Raum-Stadt-Spieler.

2021-2022 Primary work and organizational development, with Marcel Desax.
2018 Seminar acting, at the Institute Synergie, Vlotho.
2012-2014 Communication as Art, with Iris Johansson, Sweden and Egypt.
2010-2014 Intuitive Pedagogy, with Pär Ahlbom et al, Germany and Sweden.
2009-2012 Training as a professional actor – at the Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin.

2021 International School of Theatre Anthropology – ‘ISTA New Generation’, Favignana, Italy.
2020 Trauma Education + Trauma Therapy, ECQAT certifications.
2019 Workshops and Colloquia, at Odin Teatret / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.
2019 Camera Acting, with Hermann Killmeyer, Hamburg.
2019 ‘Psychosomatics, psychooncology and psychotherapy: why and for what do we get sick?’, advanced training of the German Society for Anthroposophical Psychotherapy.
2018 ‘The work of the higher self in the psychotherapeutic process’, advanced training of the German Society for Anthroposophical Psychotherapy.
2016 Directing residency, with Eugenio Barba, Odin Teatret.
2008/2009 Training weeks, among others on group dynamics, with Orland Bishop + Nicanor Perlas at Forum 3, Stuttgart.
2008 Dramaturgy and directing internship/assistance, Theater Lübeck.

Like two big rivers past and future meet. The spray that arises is what you experience here and now. Learn to play with it! .

/ L. König

Field Experience:

Allianz / banovo / Berlin / brand eins / Brezel Company / Campus am Park / Camphill Grangemockler / Dachser / Demeter / Ergo / Institut Synergie / Josera / Julius-Leber-Schule / Komödie im Marquardt / Marketing Managment Institut / Mattenhof / Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin / Nordenhamer Zinkhütte GmbH / OBI / R&R Filmproduktion GbR / Seat  / Seminarschauspieler / SH Landestheater / Sky / Staatstheater Darmstadt / Stiftung Edith Marion / Stiftung Evidenz / Stiftung zur Forschungsförderung / Telefonica / The wild Bunch / ViiV Healthcare / Vivenda e.V. / Waldorfschulen / Akademie für Waldorfpädagogik / 13ha Freiheit e.V. / u.a.

For Communities​

You are a residential or living community and want to…

… find the ideas that connect you?

… be mindful of different views and needs?

… live together in a lively and trusting culture?

For Working Groups

You want to be sustainable as a working group and…

… support the development of individual skills and talents?

… empathise with others in order to establish potential initiative?

… recognise commonalities and think in larger contexts?

For Individuals

You are at a turning point in your biography and…

… ask yourself in which direction you want to continue?

… have landed in an inner void or chaos and are looking for orientation?

… want to get in touch with your abilities and talents?

Future Lab´s

I regularly offer artistic Future Lab´s on various topics.

People who are currently dealing with similar questions and issues in their lives come to such Future Lab´s.

You can go through your process in different ways…

Open Future Workshops

Open Future Workshops


July 22th-24th 2022

Theater is encounter and communication. What will it be like in the future?

This open future workshop is for actors and performance artists who want to get in touch with future forces at work in the development of their own acting.

Non-actors who are interested in a theatre of the future are also welcome.


September 2th-4th 2022

School is encounter and communication. What kind of school do children and young people need today and tomorrow?

This open future workshop is for educators and all people who want to get in touch with future forces working on the development of a new school.

This open future workshop is principally for teachers-to-be, but it is open to others.


September 16th-18th 2022

Life is encounter and communication. What will it bring you?

This open future workshop is for people who want to get in touch with future forces at work in their own lives.

Young people who are looking for their own path are especially welcome in this open future workshop.

What others say

"My creativity was stimulated in an autonomous and natural way. I discovered a lot of new things in the process. I got in touch with myself and was able to be in the here and now more easily and just let my talent flow. Acting, moving and discovering brought me very, very much happiness!"
Maarja Purga
Opera singer
"Participation meant a great opportunity for me to awaken my body's intelligence. In a playful way I discovered and collected useful material for my work. For example, how I can point out changes that are potentially there, follow them and stay in the flow."
Jan Vodička
Psychodrama Therapist Trainee
"One of Lukas' talents seems to me to be his ability to see through the essence of things and to bring loose threads together. With a great deal of patience, he is able to calm strong feelings and emotions and he knows how to loosen up entrenched structures with humour."
Silja-Julie Chabilan
Theater pedagogue
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Lukas König