Open Future Workshops

I regularly offer open future workshops on various topics.

People who are currently dealing with similar questions and issues in their lives come to such future workshops.

You can go through your process in different ways…

… by acting out and moving through your personal questions together with the others.


.. by acting out the questions of the others with them, thereby inwardly working on your own personal questions, clarifying and/or expanding them.


… alternating between the two.

Both variations is worthwhile, because you get the possibility to be in communication with yourself and with other people in a protected environment…

… and to discover the future, because: People carry the future within them!

"While working with my class I have experienced that Lukas has helped them to really connect to their highest individual possibilities without competing with anyone else and then to perform at their highest level together. In another context, I experienced working with adults, that Lukas has the possibility to explore very precisely the very fine soul nuances, in the inner experience of oneself while acting, and can guide others to do the same."
Dieter Schwartz
Teacher, coach and mentor for pedagogical professions
Lukas König