Open Future Workshop:


September 2th-4th 2022

School is encounter and communication. What kind of school do children and young people need today and tomorrow?

This open future workshop is for educators and all people who want to get in touch with future forces working on the development of a new school.

This open future workshop is principally for teachers-to-be, but it is open to others.

Who are you?

  • You have an impulse for (educational) artistic work in you and would like to get closer to it.

  • You realise that your interest goes beyond what you have come to know so far in the educational world and you ask yourself where your journey in the school is going.

  •  You want to explore your questions in a personal way and share them with others.

  • You are looking for a collaboration that is focused, inspiring and freeing.

What is it about?

It is about the question of what future forces can bring about a in new school and how you can connect to them.

I offer a path through which you can become attentive to phenomena in which future forces show themselves. It is about opening and training the senses with which you can perceive such phenomena.

You will have the opportunity to give your own answers to the question of where the school of the future is heading. Answers are in the sense of artistically designed visions. It is about ‘dreaming’ the new school as concretely as possible and welcoming it.

What do I assume?

Teaching/learning takes place in the present, which is the encounter between the past and the future. In the school, this encounter takes place around the human being and in the human being. It can be shaped through artistic communication. Through…

– … the teacher’s communication with herself, within herself.

– … communication with the responsible authorities.

– … communication with colleagues.

– … communication with pupils, students and parents.

– … communication with the intangible and the future.

I make my experiential knowledge available to the school in this area. With presence in movement, I accompany the improvisations of this open future workshop.

When: Currently there are no dates planned. If you are interested, please write a short message and you will be informed as soon as there is another date (usually Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime).

Where: This open future workshop takes place at different locations. You can usually stay overnight and the group will take care of the catering together.

When: September 2th-4th, 2022

Where: In Berlin. More information after registration.

Group: The group consists of min. 4 and max. 12 participants.

Costs: 150€ + food costs (approx. 25€)

Lukas König